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A Message from Julie Chahal, WELU Co-chair.

Everyone who was on the Wait List in early 2020, and everyone who has been added to the Wait List since then, remains on the Wait List.

For the Fall 2023 series, all those on the Wait List have been invited. Our attendance for the Spring Series was of the order of 80 members each week (normal attendance being about 150), along with our usual catering for refreshments.

As a reminder to all returning members and new members, WELU talks are on a Tuesday morning, starting at 9.25 am with any notices, with the talk following and lasting about 50 to 60 minutes. There is a 20 minute break for refreshments before the start of the question period. The morning finishes at 11.30 am.

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As a result of the survey of attendees during the Fall series in 2019, we made some improvements to the material we had in the secure area: namely the presenter's gifts, the financials section, as well as a more uniform listing of past presentations. There are in excess of 130 presentations to date (April 2023), well worth revisiting.


"To present to mature adults of West-end Ottawa, daytime lectures which provide intellectual stimulation and a better understanding of the world we live in and its history."


West End Learning Unlimited (WELU) is an organization dedicated to providing seniors with a stimulating learning environment.
WELU is the brainchild of David Farquharson and Wilf Pilsworth. They started it in 2001 because they saw a need and an interest. Today a group of dedicated volunteers continues to run WELU as a not-for-profit organization.
The organizing committee has been able to attract speakers who willingly give up their time free of charge. These two factors enable the fees to be kept down to an easily affordable level.

Each year about 18 lectures are presented in three separately themed series. Each lecture session comprises a one-hour talk followed by a refreshment break, and ending with half an hour of questions.


The following list illustrates the wide variety of subjects covered by the programme.

  • Medicine (4 series); Health Care Beyond Drugs; Hearing; The Brain
  • Contemporary Moral Issues
  • Art (Canadian; Visual Arts; Art History; Art in Everyday Life)
  • Science (Physics; Astronomy; Archaeology; Space and Time; Entomology; Meteorology; Energy Alternatives; Predicting the Future)
  • Religion (Religions of the World; Women in Religion)
  • Music
  • Environmental Issues (Nature and the Environment; Geo-Heritage; Ecology; Oceans Ecosystems; The Arctic; Canadian Rivers; National Parks)
  • Law and Justice (2 series)
  • Political Science (The New Africa; The Middle East in Turmoil; International Aid; Canadian Political Issues)
  • Aviation (2 series)
  • Genealogy
  • Countries of the World (Ambassador Series; Germany; Scotland; Afghanistan)
  • Horticulture
  • Finance - Personal and Public
  • Urban Planning
  • Journalism
  • The Food Industry
  • Architecture
  • Aboriginal Culture

Speakers have included diplomats, lawyers, university professors, members of the clergy, physicians, scientists, astronomers, musicians, architects, journalists, members of the military, and public servants.
Looking forward, WELU plans to widen even this ambitious coverage, and expects to continue to attract high quality speakers.

This is a non-profit club and it is intended to collect sufficient personal information of members, to facilitate membership records. This information will not be divulged outside the club.